Fourteen Years Ago Today…

…the first Bob Edwards Show was broadcast on XM Satellite Radio. (To be accurate, it was not the first production; there were two pilot programs produced before this initial broadcast. One day I will share them with you.)

I have to tell you, holding the archives of the program is a constant source of entertainment and amazement. For this anniversary, I thought I’d share with you video taken in the control room while that first program was beginning. Your cameraman is Chad Campbell, the final Executive Producer of the program. The video begins a bit early, with Bob and David Broder in the studio waiting for the cue from show producer Melissa Gray. And I hope those who were there that day can identify all the folks in that room.

So let’s step back to the very beginning of a magnificent journey, and watch the very start…

Watch Now:
.. ..
icon for podpress  The First Bob Edwards Show, from inside the Control Room: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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  1. Bettym says:

    Many years ago, I heard your first words EVER on radio. Great then great always.

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