The Invisible: Children Without Homes Documentary

In conjunction with and our own BobEdwards.Info, over the next few weeks we’re going to post “the documentaries,” the special programs built to perform a deep-dive into a specific issue. Once they are posted here, the files will be made available to those two websites so they may update the existing links to the programs. It’s past-time these were available for those searching to hear them again.

Today, The Invisible: Children Without Homes. Bob Edwards and producer Ariana Pekary spent hours interviewing homeless men, women, teens and children – at shelters, group homes, and on city sidewalks to report their stories. These families told of the financial hardship and violence – verbal, physical, and sexual – that forced them on to the streets, creating even more difficult and dangerous situations. These are stories of survival and hope in a time when solutions are quietly debated. Social workers, advocates for the poor, and government officials generally agree about how best to help that nation’s homeless children: provide comprehensive services, education assistance, and medical treatment. In this special documentary, Bob Edwards examines whether enough is being done to break the cycle for homeless kids.

A copy of this program is in the archives on CD burned from the files in Dalet (XM’s content-management system); as I have done a few times before, I mixed the CD audio with the audio I recorded from my XM radio the morning of December 27th, 2007 so you have the best audio available while retaining the original XM Public Radio commercials/promos.

There is no script or roadmap in the archives for this program, but a complete transcript of the program is available. Also be sure to check out The Invisible Page at for another copy of this program, photos, that transcript, and links to places mentioned in this documentary. And don’t miss The Invisible Honored, where producer Ariana Pekary explains why this can be properly called an “Award-Winning Documentary.”

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