Bob Edwards’ Conversation with Ben Bradlee

One of the things about having spent eleven years meticulously (some might say “insanely”) recording The Bob Edwards Show every weekday morning is that I have a wealth of programming to listen to again. While I will frequently search out specific guests, I can also just grab a show randomly – after all, that is much like the show is still airing, allowing me some surprise about the “next day’s” guests. Last night, I opened up 2007, then June, then the fourth, and loaded the show into my player (an XM Inno I no longer use for satellite radio, since there isn’t much there to listen to anymore). This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear again Bob’s conversation with Washington Post legend Ben Bradlee, and thought you might enjoy listening to the program, too. From the introduction:

Ben Bradlee was executive editor of The Washington Post at several of the most important points of its history—and OUR history. Bradlee directed the paper’s coverage of the Watergate scandal that resulted in Richard Nixon resigning the Presidency in disgrace. Now a vice president for the paper, Bradlee recalls Watergate, the Pentagon Papers case and his close friendship with JFK.

In a time when inconvenient facts are labeled “fake news,” listening to Bradlee’s gruff voice and view of history is refreshing; and knowing this was one of only four humans who for more than thirty years knew the identity of the shadowy government leaker code-named for a pornographic movie, “Deep Throat,” adds considerable gravitas to the conversation held in Bradlee’s office at the Washington Post and produced by Ariana Pekary.

The program begins with Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson filling-in for David Broder to talk politics, including the recent primary debates. As usual, script/roadmap included below.

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