Peter Ames Carlin on Bruce Springsteen

Peter Ames Carlin’s final visit to The Bob Edwards Show dealt with his biography of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. From the introduction:

In the 1970’s, Bruce Springsteen emerged from the Jersey shore to be hailed as the future of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Despite being called The Boss, he was a working class hero who landed on the covers of both TIME and Newsweek. Sprinsteen and his E Street Band became known for long and energetic concerts and a string of hits including Born to Run and Born in the USA in a career that has earned The Boss more than twenty Grammy Awards. Bruce is the title of a new biography written by my guest today, Peter Ames Carlin, a journalist whose previous book subjects include Paul McCartney and the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson.

Chad Campbell again takes the production reins, mixing in tons of music guaranteed to keep your toes a’tappin. Script/roadmap also included.

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