The 13th-year Anniversary. But 12 Years Ago…

Today is the 13th anniversary of the very first…uh…hum…I should say the premiere broadcast of The Bob Edwards Show. (Why the qualification? There were actually two demo programs recorded, and one day I’ll post those for you to enjoy.) Yes, I know, I should have posted that premiere program, and I promise one year on October 4th I will. But this year, I want to celebrate the fact that every year on the fourth of October, Bob buys me a drink. Oh, no, he doesn’t drive to my home or anything, but twelve years ago today he left a bottle of Maker’s Mark under my chair that I have been saving to enjoy every year on this date.

You see, a week before the first anniversary of the program, the show threw a party. I mean a party. Hundreds of people, special guests, and the highlight of the evening – the taping of the program broadcast on that first anniversary, the program I have posted below.

To avoid repeating myself again (!), I’m going to post a list of links here I strongly urge you to follow, with contemporary posts about the awesomeness, lots of photographs, and even some video discovered in the archives:

Also in the archives is the DAT recording made that evening…it’s pretty raw as raw goes, since it starts while the produced pieces ran (and includes the “warm-up” Bob did explaining why Daniel Schorr wasn’t in attendance – which along with everything else that evening, I recorded on my small digital recorder), and there is no DAT of the produced broadcast, so you’ll hear my off-air recording.

The program broadcast on October 4th, 2005, produced by Chad Campbell while being a joint effort by the entire production staff is posted below for your enjoyment on this anniversary date, along with the script – and for heaven’s sake, check out the script, especially the programmed-in break after the Hugh Panero interview noted on the roadmap; the script also contains the interview prep for both guests. (And while I’m at it, let me thank Mr. Panero one more time for making The Bob Edwards Show a reality…I really wish you could have taken the entire journey with us, but thank you, sir, for starting it and proving that satellite radio could have real class and style.) Let me also note the sultry voice you will hear in the recording’s opening promo belongs to producer Melissa Gray.

And as to that bottle left under the chair in the Performance Studio so very long ago? Well, again this year I’m going to have a drink from it, letting Bob buy me another.

Oh, and if you were there twelve years ago, post a note with your own memories in the comments here. And tell me where on the board you signed your wishes to the show and its host – that board is now here in the archives, and one day I’ll be posting a scanned version of it where everyone’s best wishes can be seen.

Edit 20180326: While it’s true there is no DAT of the broadcast, buried in a shoebox of additional material provided by Executive Producer Chad Campbell earlier this month was a CD containing an excellent aircheck of the 8:00am broadcast (as confirmed by comparing commercial/promos in the breaks). I have replaced the off-radio aircheck with this one; if you’ve already downloaded the program and are interested in a sound-quality upgrade which is particularly noticeable when Marshall Chapman entertains, I urge you to pull the revised copy of the program. The only casualty of the switch is missing Melissa Gray’s opening promo, but you can still hear her at about 31:47; she announces the Audible commercial. –cfs3

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show Script for Tuesday October 4th, 2005: Download

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show for Tuesday October 4th, 2005 (Update to CD Version) [59:16m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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