My Comments to the FCC Regarding the Removal of Net Neutrality Rules

Submitted to the FCC in reference to Proceeding 17-108; specifically referencing comments by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai saying that what matters is the quality, not the quantity of the comments, preferring a single well-argued legal brief over potentially millions of common citizens demanding of the FCC basic protections:

I realize you are on-record preferring a well-crafted legal brief, but I am not a lawyer. I am just one of the citizens whose rights you are sworn to protect. Just some guy who doesn’t want to see my connection to ANY server, using ANY protocol, throttled because I am not using one of the paid services of my Internet provider – which, of course, in the vast majority of the country has no competition in the marketplace. Someone who depends on the FCC to by rule-making govern the public trusts under your control to the benefit of all citizens, not just a few corporations.

The idea that the governed would even need to argue for simple fairness in packet-sharing, something so basic to the proper functioning of the Internet, is astounding to me. Why Net Neutrality would be something to abolish makes no sense to any rational person with any understanding of the basics of how the Internet works.

And that the United States, the country who INVENTED the connection protocols that allow computers all over the world to be interconnected into this thing we call the Internet would even consider placing the whim of the few corporations controlling access over the desperate need of all of its citizens is truly an embarrassment to us all.

But then, I am not a lawyer, and this is not a well-crafted legal brief, so I assume it is your intention to completely ignore my comments. After all, why would I matter? I’m just a guy who is part of the public in public trust.

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