Frank Deford, legendary sportswriter and commentator, dies at 78

From The Washington Post: Frank Deford, legendary sportswriter and commentator, dies at 78

To even try to list the accomplishments of this sportswriter would take too much space, space I’d rather devote to the man himself. Most of us who aren’t sports fanatics first met Deford on Morning Edition, and he quickly became one of the few sportswriter this non-fan actually looked forward to hearing.

In 2012, Bob Edwards sat down with him in the studio to discuss his memoir, Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter. He was introduced:

After sixteen books about other people—both real and imagined—Frank Deford has finally written one about himself. A member of the sportwriters hall of fame, Deford has written about every athlete worth knowing about for the last fifty years. He is probably the most widely respected sports journalist alive today-but also a novelist, screenwriter and broadcaster. He is the senior contributing writer at Sports Illustrated, appears on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO and is heard each Wednesday on NPR’s Morning Edition. His memoir is titled Over Time.

The poignancy now of Bob’s last question, one Deford clearly appreciated, is both filled with reflection and completely uplifting. The program starts with Diana Henriques on her book The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust, but the bulk of the hour contains one more visit with Frank Deford…script/roadmap included.

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