Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bob Edwards

Philip Seymour Hoffman sat down with Bob Edwards sometime in October of 2005 to talk about his then-new film Capote as well as his entire career. The men spoke for over fifty minutes, and the poignancy of Hoffman talking about the things he wanted to do as he got older is in retrospect rather painful. In this case, I decided to share with you the raw unedited interview instead of the hour-long broadcast.

My friend and final Executive Producer Chad Campbell cringes a little every time I run a raw interview…they are after all called “raw” for a reason, and in the hands of a skilled producer the rough conversation becomes a polished gem. You will hear small errors that were smoothed-over in the produced piece. There are audio clips from various films added to punctuate the conversation. And you probably don’t even realize the magic a good producer can create using the, “internal edit” – by carefully removing hesitations, false-starts, and other imperfections common in everyday conversation, the interviewee becomes to the ear insightful, intelligent, and confident. (If you don’t believe what internal editing can do, re-listen to the final Bob Edwards Show, where with the internal edit Mr. Campbell managed to make even me sound bright.)

So why run this without the polish? Because I am slowly listening to all of the audio rescued from the salvaged DATs (Digital Audio Tapes) rescued from the SiriusXM dumpster, and recently heard this one. Holding the archives, and the wonderful things that were salvaged before the show ended, gives me in this case the opportunity to take you back to 2005, sit you down on the control room couch, and let you listen in on Bob and Philip in conversation as-it-happened in studio. This is not to minimize the work producer Phil Harrell added to this for the polished broadcast aired the 28th, but to show that while some interviews were quite literally disasters Bob had to be thrilled to finish, some sound more like two guys sitting at a bar over a drink talking shop. Yep, there will be some mistakes…but I think the information you’ll gain is worth an occasional “um…er…,” and I hope you’ll enjoy this relaxed conversation with a very interesting guy unfortunately no longer with us.

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