Space Shuttle Night Launch

On November 14th, 2008, the last nighttime launch of the Space Shuttle took place for mission STS-126 destined to the International Space Station for “home improvements,” and Bob along with producers Chad Campbell and Geoffrey Redick were there to talk to NASA expert and NPR reporter Pat Duggins about his book Final Countdown which chronicles the history of the Space Shuttle program, also a conversation with astronauts Catherine Coleman and Robert Satcher. Also check-ins with some of the may people who traveled from near and far to witness the event.

And of course Bob brings the sounds of the launch to the program as well. The program begins with the then-regular Monday visit by David Broder, and you’ll find prep for this conversation in the script also posted below.

One of the astronauts, Sandra Magnus, was merely a passenger hitching a lift to the ISS for an extended stay there. The following year, Bob interviewed her and astronaut Mike Fincke from the space station, and we’ll see that interview in a few days.

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