Bob Edwards and Ken Nordine

Geoffrey Redick, Ken Nordine, and Bob Edwards
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I suspect many of you lean towards the musical performance interviews…and of course I enjoy them too, but I have to admit many of my favorite conversations are radio-related. (This is no great surprise considering one of my other hobbies is old-time radio.) So this program selected from the archives is a natural, containing two of the most recognized voices in the country, Bob Edwards and Ken Nordine.

Nordine’s vocal work is amazing…that gravel-filled smokiness commenting on anything and everything with an underlying jazz beat demands complete attention. But I think Bob in the show puts it best:

Word Jazz Is much more than a guy talking over music. It’s words AND music, playing together… It’s wandering curiosity, wondering where your thoughts will go, tiptoeing around syntax and grammar, propelled by the beat, nudged along by THAT voice.

The conversation is free-ranging, eliciting history and observations as well as any Word Jazz. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Bob touring the home, and the mind, of Ken Nordine. Program script and roadmap from the archives also included below.

Listening to these two voices in conversation is, for me at least, the audio equivalent of “comfort food.”

Edit February 16th, 2019: Producer Geoffrey Redick wrote a piece for the original airing of this program, available at the Bob Edwards Radio website.

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