Another Cloud Storage Service Dies

A little after noon today I started going through my normal routine, “leveling-up” on the China free cloud storage service 360 Weiyun. But I noticed I couldn’t get the 10 points for file sharing, since it wouldn’t let me share a file. What’s worse, all of the other shares I set up seemed to have un-shared themselves.

I thought this might be some temporary interruption (I am, after all, using this from the United States), but I started doing a little research anyway, and eventually found my way to the forum. There, right at the top, I found the following (translation by Bing):

Dear 360 users:

Hello! 360 head set on the line since the Internet always strictly comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements, and continue to invest substantial human and material resources and technical resources, to crack down on illegal behavior. However, due to privacy of cloud storage, management complexity, some criminals use 360 cloud storage spread pirated, obscene, pornography, illegal files, such as engaging in illegal and criminal activities, serious violations of the legal rights of copyright owners, has brought great harm to the society.

After careful consideration we have tough decisions, closing 360 personal cloud service, Enterprise cloud services. Network disk storage, content validity and security is resolved no longer considered before recovery.

We are about to adopt the following measures:

  • 2016 Between October 20 and February 1, 2017 a member refund. Membership of users, regardless of the remaining days, full refund;

  • November 1, 2016 cloud upload service, upload, transfer and other data including write feature is turned off;

  • 2017 Year February 1, no longer keep cloud data, turn off all users of cloud services and empty data, please be sure to back up your data before downloading.

This has caused you any inconvenience, we apologize and thank you for all the way!

I should mention here that I have just under 100 terabytes of free space I have acquired over the years (97.4 T to be more precise). And it is there I have been storing my offline backups of all of The Bob Edwards Show archives.

And now, I am rather and officially screwed.

Edit: Oh, lord, it gets better; now the web interface won’t allow downloading any file larger than 50M. Of course, that means I can’t pull it to the linux box to put it anywhere else, and basically have to start all over uploading from my home slow aDSL. Really not happy with the Chinese right about now…

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