XM Igor Nostalgia

Every year around this time I get maudlinly nostalgic for the old XM Satellite Radio’s Igor channel…a channel that did Halloween better than anything Sirius ever came up with, and rivaled Christmas’ Special X-mas.

And also, as Chief Archivist of The Bob Edwards Show, I have access to and am slowly cataloging a lot of the stuff that was floating around the offices, including a recently-unearthed CD with over seventy XM theme bumpers on it. For those who only know satellite radio post-merger, XM programmed head-and-tails over the other guys, and used a Monitor Radio-inspired set of seven notes all across the channels, something to completely unify the service while allowing each channel its own personality.

So to help you remember how great satellite radio used to be before the bean-counters got ahold of it and wrung the soul out of it, here’s one of those XM theme stingers, just right for the Halloween season!

icon for podpress  XM Logo - Creepy Organ Music [0:15m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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