Bob Edwards Show First Anniversary Script

As a companion piece to the video I posted from the First Anniversary Party, here’s the script from that program, available below for download in PDF format.

“Scripts” in radio in general, and for The Bob Edwards Show in particular, are a little different than those for television or film; since the interview conversation is by definition unscripted, the script contains the intros to the guests, along with questions researched by the production staff. As Bob mentioned when I spoke with him in September, after adding to that research he takes the interview wherever interesting based on the conversation. So you’ll not find Bob just running down the suggested questions, but rather using them as a rough guideline for directions the conversation might go.

I have to admit the first page, the “roadmap” of the show, seriously cracked me up. Check out the carefully-timed section immediately after the Hugh Panero interview…

icon for podpress  Script for The Bob Edwards Show broadcast October 4, 2005: Download

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