Video from the 1st Bob Edwards Show Anniversary

As some of you know, I have been a booster of The Bob Edwards Show since its inception, and have been fortunate enough to know Bob and his producers over the years. And yes, I really did record every program broadcast over XM/SXM, as well as all of the PRI-distributed Bob Edwards Weekend compilation program. I was even invited to the show’s First Anniversary Party, where the anniversary show was recorded. It was an amazing night, let me tell you, and one many of us remember through photographs and even some elicit audio and video recordings we made throughout the evening.

When SiriusXM cancelled the show to make room for younger, less intelligent, and considerably louder programs, the staff had to dispose of all of the program’s paperwork, recordings, pretty much everything that wasn’t in the computer system was slated for the dumpster.

This is where I came in.

As now, “Chief Archivist” (hey, everyone needs a title, and thanks to former Executive Producer Chad Campbell I now have one that isn’t, “Biggest Fan”) I am trying to wade though eleven years worth of stuff. And I am finding some really amazing things for fans of the program and its host, things I hope to share with you over the months ahead.

First up, while going through program CDs (my recordings were made originally from the satellite radio and later through the Internet stream, so those that exist in CD or DAT tape format are a studio-quality “upgrade”), I found one of that First Anniversary program I mentioned. I didn’t think too much about it, since I knew I had the DAT tape recorded in the performance studio to eventually upgrade the recording I made with a small dictation recorder. But as I was filing it in the, “not-important-check-later-if-time” pile, I suddenly realized it said, “DVD-R” on the hand-written label.


I ran to my office, jammed the disc into the drive, and found a VIDEO-TS folder on the root of the drive. I think my heart stopped for a few moments as I slowly realized I had in my computer a video recording of that evening.

I have cut out a few highlights of that video recording for you, and include the edited video here. If you were at the XM Studios that evening, you will remember fondly what you will see…and if you weren’t, you now have an idea what you missed, and what we are all missing now that the show has been shuttered.

Watch Now:
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  1. Beagle47 says:

    Thank you. I just found these and will start listening. I hope you will continue to post them. I miss Mr. Edwards each morning.

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