Eleven Years Ago Today…

…Bob Edwards stepped up to the XM Satellite Radio microphones, and for the first time broadcast The Bob Edwards Show. That show was a constant companion of mine over the years (and still is, thanks to my collection of recordings), so I thought I’d share that first show. You can find it on the BobEdwards.Info server.

Along with the audio to the program (in the .ZIP file), I’ve included the script to that first show, archived from the studio files. You can see the changes Bob made to the script, some during the show itself. The audio includes some promos and bumpers, including the Scott Walterman-voiced “Up Next” piece, and lots of examples of the “seven notes” signature XM used until its demise.

To download the files, just right-click (or click-hold on Mac) and select “Save Link As…” or the equivalent in your browser.

Speaking of that collection of programs, I blame Walter Cronkite. He told Bob, when asked for advice on what to do with his first show, to, “Do another one.” Since I recorded the first show, and Bob was going to “do another one,” I recorded another one. And another…and another…until suddenly it’s eleven years later and there aren’t any more to record. I’ve been randomly choosing shows from the archives to hear every day…if you follow me on Twitter, you can find out the guests I’m listening to each weekday. (Today, you can just listen along…although between you and me, I also listened to the show from October 4th, 2010; a full hour with David Broder, then regular Friday guest of the program.)

And if you’ve enjoyed The Bob Edwards Show over the years, grab a finger or two of Kentucky bourbon and toast with me this evening the program, its host, and its producers. But don’t add anything to that glass, excepting maybe some ice…

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