To PayPal, or Not to PayPal…

While this does tangentially affect OTR Digest readers, it has nothing to do with Old-Time Radio, so I’m sticking it here hoping to get some advice from the readership.

Folks have been asking me about video from the recent Nostalgia Expo, and so you know I am working on them but they are not yet ready. But this is more about how to make them available.

Let me start by mentioning how much I (and practically every vendor who uses it) hate PayPal. They will arbitrarily hold back funds, screw up sometimes even the simplest of transactions, and their customer service…er…isn’t. The reason we all use them is simply because there is no real alternative for micropayments…why another company didn’t get into this space a decade ago is beyond me, frankly, and the lack of competition is obviously the reason they can be so completely tone-deaf to everyone’s disdain.

Now to take credit card orders in the real world, there are alternatives, including my personal favorite, Square. Under 3% fees, money in your business account the next day (instead of up to 21-days that PayPal calls the, “industry standard!”), and helpful people on the other end of the telephone and email to clear up any problems. But they do not have a way to take an existing store and run transactions through…they only have their own, rather limited storefront for merchants to use.

Still, they have all those advantages I mentioned above, including the one really important to me – they are not PayPal. So I would seriously consider adding the Nostalgia Expo videos (panels from 2013, panels and performances from 2014 and 2015) to a Square storefront, even if it will take a bit of work to get things up-and-running.

On the other hand, many people have existing PayPal accounts, and might prefer the devil they know to one they may not be familiar with – and I already have store software installed on the server which allows me to easily include video clips and the like. So I’m asking, begging really, for comments – should I use the limited Square storefront, the existing OldRadio.Net Shop, or should I actually spend the time placing the videos on both storefronts?

Please, discuss in the comments, and I’ll respond where appropriate. If you prefer, I can be reached by email at the address at the bottom of every issue of the Internet OTR Digest.

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