Ok, My Inner XM Satellite Radio Fanboi Is Hitting New Levels…

Some of you may remember I paid a visit to the XM Satellite Radio Studios back in September to say goodbye to most of the staff of The Bob Edwards Show. At the time, being in the studio was less important than the people I spent the time with, but I did want to bring you, gentle reader, along with me by taking some photographs and even a video or two. One of the photos I snapped was of the studio clock that I fondly remembered from my first visit there so very long ago, a happier time when the management of XM Satellite Radio promoted and encouraged quality, intelligent programming instead of the loud, vulgar “comedians” who are now in charge of what has become an asylum. Of course, the more I looked at that clock photo once I got back home, the more I wanted one…

So, being the unabashed fanboi I am, I designed and ordered a pocket watch with a similar face and that long-gone symbol of quality satellite radio programming.

Yeah, I know it’s silly. It’s a symbol of something that’s gone, it’s close but not a perfect copy anyway, and heck, I haven’t regularly carried a watch since I bought my first PDA (s’ok, you can look it up later) decades ago.

But I’m going to clip it to my desk when I’m not carrying it so I can look up at it occasionally and remember there really was a time when two companies competed against each other, one with quality and the other with noise. And the noise won, everywhere it seems except in a precious few of us who remember.

Besides, I already have a baseball cap with The Bob Edwards Show logo… ;)

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