Some Clarification on Why We Don’t Talk to Google Mail…

There have been some questions lately as to why we reject connections from some free email providers – Gmail is not the only system we reject, but it is probably the largest. I wrote about this specific issue before, and way back in 2004 I explained why the server isn’t accepting connections from there, but there have been some questions lately about rejecting these systems, and I wanted to clarify with a handful of weblinks from somewhat trusted websites. Note this is all pretty old information, nothing new here at all.

From The Guardian: Google: don’t expect privacy when sending to Gmail

From Forbes: It’s Not A Surprise That Gmail Users Have No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy

From Business Insider: GOOGLE: If You Send To Gmail, You Have ‘No Legitimate Expectation Of Privacy’

OK, enough, you get the idea. And for whatever it’s worth, if you email me, the mail is not retained on the server, but rather on my personal computer inside my home…which requires the government to issue a search warrant signed by a judge to read, and keeps corporate America completely out of your email.

And in an unrelated side-note: I will try in this new year to write more here on the blog for both of my loyal readers. ;)

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