The Jack Benny Program from December 2, 1951

I usually don’t post “raw” Old-Time Radio shows, but I’m posting this one by the request of someone who has been making me laugh for a really long time as a small payback for all the joy. This is the annual Christmas Shopping show from 1951…each year, Jack would go shopping and merry mixups would occur. In this episode, listen for Sheldon Leonard as the Race Track Tout playing Santa, trying to talk a young boy out of his Christmas wishes and getting severely one-up’ped – and especially listen to Jack still chuckling when he comes back at the end of the bit. That young boy is played by Harry Shearer, he of Spinal Tap, The Simpsons, and the currently-running-on-YouTube-but-some-of-us-saw-it-on-Sky Nixon’s The One.

Oh, and if you want to hear Harry Shearer talk to Bob Edwards about working with Jack Benny and on other Old-Time Radio shows, check out this interview we posted a few years ago.

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