Patricia “Pat” Hosley

From Susan Sigel (through Jack French) comes the sad news that Pat Hosley, radio and television performer and great friend to the Friends of Old Time Radio, passed away last Sunday, July 13, at 90 years. You can see Miss Hosley/Mrs. Kibbe’s obituary at The Examiner News. She performed at the last FOTR convention, starring as Jack in a Let’s Pretend re-creation of Jack and the Beanstalk. My daughter Kate had a minor role in that performance, making her pretty much the last generation who will be able to say they knew these wonderful actors and actresses.

Pat had to be one of the most cheerful people I have ever met. Her huge smile was contagious – when she walked into the room everyone in it would start to beam. And she always had an energy that belied her age…it would be fair to use the adjective “bouncy” when describing her.

With permission, here is a small part of that 2011 FOTR performance; with Arthur Anderson as Bulibus the Giant, Lynn Rogers as the Music Box, my co-host Katie Summers as Margo, Ivan Cury as Teddy, and Miss Pat Hosley starring as Jack.

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