Killing the “Microsoft Office Click-to-Run 20xx (Protected)” Q: Drive

I hate Microsoft.

No really, I do. They do stupid things, and always have (remember the days when they allowed Microsoft Word to format your hard drive via macro?), and most of the power-user’s time is wasted on trying to get Windows to stop doing something stupid.

Today’s issue: The dreaded “Microsoft Office Click-to-Run 20xx (Protected)” Q: drive label.

Do a search, and every solution tells you to uninstall the Click-to-Run version of Microsoft office. Problem is, I did that a long time ago. MS tells you to run their “FixIt” routines…did that, and it couldn’t fix anything, since Office isn’t installed. They tell you how to manually remove Office, but again, that depends on the thing actually being there.

And yet, every time I get enough drives installed to hit drive letter Q, and the flash drive/memory card/hard drive has no name, the d*mned system reports it as, “Microsoft Office Click-to-Run 2010 (Protected)” – and yes, I usually have buttloads of USB drives connected, so this is a relatively common occurrence. Understand, it doesn’t affect what’s in the drive, only the label displayed in My Computer and elsewhere. But it’s d*mned annoying, and today I decided to get rid of it if I had to install linux!

Turns out, there’s a simple reason and solution: the Office uninstaller doesn’t (or at least in my case didn’t) remove one tiny registry keyset: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\DriveIcons\Q

Create a System Restore point, back up that keyset for safety, delete from \Q\ down (under \Q\ is “DefaultLabel,” which was the frelling problem), and *poof* – no more Click-to-Run labels on that drive. Didn’t even need a restart to cure the problem.

Why am I posting something like that here? Because eventually someone else will become as frustrated as I was about all of the other solutions on the Net not working to remove the cosmetic disc label, and hopefully will stumble upon this post, delete the reg entry, and get a good night’s sleep.

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