I Really Hate Twitter…

Ever since Twitter decided it needed to completely control the “experience” (English translation, “make money from users through advertisements”) they have shut down more and more third-party applications by decimating their API (Application Program Interface; it’s the way an application allows other applications to interface with it) and rigidly controlling everything about the tweets.

I lost the awesome TwitGif that used to be on this page when the v1 API was shut down. There is no more RSS feed for retrieving the Twitter timeline, that too was closed down; and their “rules of the road” say I cannot even re-syndicate my own tweets – so if I post something to Twitter and to this blog, I am apparently committing a violation of my user agreement.

Ah, but they say, “We are providing ‘Embedded Timelines’ so you can add them to your blog!” Baloney…I am massively reluctant to embed Twitter’s embedded monstrosity on here, since it will be tracking you, dear reader, unless you are clever enough to reject cookies and use a proxy or VPN to access these pages. That’s the whole point; Twitter needs to make money, so they need to stomp on every application and business that actually made them what they are today.

Dunno how I’m going to handle this, frankly…it all started with their t.co tracking URIs, and now with the v1 API retired, Twitter is in complete control of d*mned near everything there. I admit to being consistently surprised one group or another hasn’t created a plan for a crowd-sourced replacement, something completely open-sourced and distributed, so no central authority can attempt to “monetize” it while shoving their users into the trash bin of promoted tweets and other bothersome advertisements.

(*sigh*) Nothing in this rant really helps much. And I haven’t decided what I’m going to do here about it, other than to promote Twitter as a communications option a whole lot less. I’d appreciate any ideas you might have in the comments area, or use that “Contact the Webmaster” button…I promise anything you send either place will not end up belonging to Twitter… ;)

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