Cincinnati Nostalgia Expo Wrap-Up

It’s been a week since the first Cincinnati Nostalgia Expo, and I’m still not caught up from the weekend. Everyone I’ve heard from (with the exception of one unpleasant and spiteful little man) had a wonderful time with the panels, the performances, and the fun of getting together and chatting with friends frequently emailed yet seldom seen. The video and photos are below the jump below (hit that “More…” link if you’re on the front page).

During the expo, I posted pics in real-time to my Twitter stream, and I’ve copied those pics here – just click the thumbnail for a larger version. I’ve also stuck a short piece of video down there from the SummersTime Live program Friday afternoon which includes both Bob Hastings, Kate’s buddy from when she was small (and “nice,” as Bob put it!), and Ivan Cury, who I can’t help but think would have killed to have the technology I used to assemble this short video back when he was directing television. Non-linear video editing was just a dream back then.

The weekend was far too short for almost all of us, and if you haven’t visited the Cincinnati area you don’t know how awesome the food choices are…yes, there’s the required selection of chain restaurants (and is the one time of the year I am guaranteed a bag of White Castle burgers!), but there are also great barbeque joints, home-style cooking places, and even Blue Ash Chili, a shop featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives we saw in rerun while we were there that is, from personal experience mind you, excellent! (Look below for a photo of the place with two awesome spokespersons sitting on the wall!)

Had my share of crises while we were there; my Android phone decided to spiral into death-throws while I was states away from the tools I needed to fix it. Fortunately, I had Copy installed on the laptop; I made an SSH/VNC connection to my desk computer, dragged the stuff I needed into the Copy folder, started Copy on the laptop, and went to bed. The next morning, the tools I needed to fix the phone were sitting ready-to-go in the laptop. A huge thank you to those on the Digest who signed up and got extra space through the affiliate link I posted…the extra space I received from your sign-up was put to great use while sitting in Cincy, you bet’cha!

Both Katie and I want to thank Mike Wheeler for asking us to be a part of this convention; it was a tremendous amount of fun for us to, in the weeks before, together research the guests’ careers and jointly decide on the areas we wanted to explore with them. Of course, both of the interviews went in directions we didn’t expect, and it was exciting to learn things we didn’t and couldn’t possibly know about these fine actors and friends. Both guests were patient and kind to us both during the interviews and afterwards (have I mentioned how many OTR stories about Katie take place in a bar?), and we sincerely thank them, but our special gratitude goes to Mike for asking us to be a part of it in the first place.

I strongly urge you to consider attending next year’s event (and yes, it looks like there will be a next year’s event!)…trust me, you won’t be sorry.

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  1. Bunkin91 says:

    Will definitely have to make it to an OTR convention soon. Enjoy the Sumerstime programs and the bits of interviews with Bob Hastings and Ivan Cury. Keep up the good work.

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