I know I’m running behind, but…

…it’s really for a good reason, honest. This weekend, we’ll be attending the Cincinnati Nostalgia Expo, where we’ll be schmoozing with the big-wigs of the hobby, stars of radio and television Bob Hastings and Ivan Cury, and Kate will be, as usual, taking center-stage. She will be interviewing Messrs. Cury and Hastings on Friday afternoon for later broadcast on the radio program, and has graciously permitted me to assist her and bask in her reflected glory. Should be great, considering Ivan Cury was once her brother, and Bob Hastings is a friend from wayback. (Her wayback and mine are wildly different things…)

Unfortunately, this means I’m behind in updating this blog, the SummersTime website, and almost everything else. But while we’re at the convention, I will try to frequently update the Twitter account at @CFSummers with comments, pics, and maybe some short videos; if you have a Twitter account, follow me. But if you don’t, you can still go to the Twitter Website and read the comments as I post ’em. (Honest, best way is to use TweetCaster on a mobile device since the photos will appear in-line, but that’s just a personal opinion…)

Also, depending on what happens and how things go, I may be using my Copy account to share goodies too big for Twitter. Copy is a nifty little dropbox-like cloud storage system that not only lets you back up your important computer stuff but allows you to share, publicly or privately, anything stored there.

And unlike a lot of the systems out there, they are giving for free a 15 Gigabyte storage area (no 2G spaces here!). And if you use this link to sign up:


…you’ll get an extra 5G of space (total of twenty gigabytes!), and we’ll get an extra five, too, so we can share more OTR stuff! Win-win, far as I can tell!

So anywho, forgive the lateness, and hopefully I’ll see you in Cincinnati!

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