Podcast: Rogue’s Gallery, October 25th, 1945

A poster on the Internet Old-Time Radio Digest asked about the series, “Rogue’s Gallery.” I admit I’m a little surprised – I assumed this series was better-known, as the first of the Dick Powell detective series. This show has a really odd gag; in each episode, Rogue is knocked unconscious and on his trip to “Cloud number Eight,” meets his alter-ego, Eugor (Rogue spelled backwards) who helps him figure out what to do next to solve the case. I think this gimmick gets a little strained, frankly, after listening to two or three episodes, but since the show ran in various incarnations on various networks from 1945 to 1951, maybe that’s just me.

I selected an episode for this podcast that is not particularly representative of the series…in this episode, Rogue doesn’t get hit over the head, and doesn’t run into Eugor. While those new to the series may get the wrong idea about the show, those who are familiar with it should find this episode more interesting because of the change in format.

By the way, if any of you have episodes of this series with Barry Sullivan or Paul Stewart in the role and can provide them to me, I’ll be glad to run them here on the podcast. Personally, I’d love to hear the changes once Powell left the show to eventually become Richard Diamond.

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  1. voxpop says:

    ROGUES GALLERY was a great show. eugor was played by peter leeds a friend of mine who once gave me the advice”don’t be a radio actor..first be an actor” i maybe paraphrasing but it was around 60+ years ago.

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