My Little Cookie…Bumstead, that is.

To pretend this post has to do with anything other than a proud papa fawning over his child’s accomplishment would be foolish. Seems the Dave Warren Players, headed by Gary Yoggy, needed an actress to play the role of Cookie in the Blondie performance Saturday morning. Derek Tague approached me and asked if Katie would be interested…since I refuse to either encourage or discourage her from performing (this is, after all, my hobby, so it would be wrong to force it upon anyone else; others with children have strongly encouraged me to push her, but that’s just not my style), I suggested he ask her directly and I would cheerfully support any decision she made. She decided to perform the role, and so made her acting debut at the 35th annual Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention.

In this short clip, my daughter is performing with my friends Bobb Lynes, Barbara Watkins in the title role, and Will Huchins in the role of Dagwood, one he portrayed briefly on television. (Will is probably best-known outside FOTR as Tom Sugarfoot Brewster and one of the stars of Hey, Landlord, although those of us who frequent the convention just know him as one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.)

And to make a joke she will absolutely hate, when they said, “There are no small roles, only small actors,” I don’t think they meant short actors…still, seeing her stand between Bobb and Will makes me giggle.

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  1. gwynne says:

    Very nice Katie!!!
    Very nice indeed. Next time we get together I will help you with anything you’d like to know about acting on the radio OK.
    I think you would be very good if you keep at it.
    Be well and be good to your folks.
    Michael C. Gwynne

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