I hate computers…

So last night I started the main Windows machine processing a video (my main Windows machine isn’t top-of-the-line, so it takes quite a while to process these video files I’m working on), and it had just started working on a cut with Terry Salmonoson (he of Audio Classics and leading historian on all things Trendle) when the machine shut down, with a somewhat acrid smell. Looks like the power supply went down (haven’t had time to check it yet, with Katie having a bug and all just checked it, and yep, “It’s dead, Jim”) which means I’m cramped until tonight or tomorrow when I can get out to pick up another one. Fortunately, I have a linux box running strong as well as the secondary Windows machine I’m on now (thanks once again, Martin, for saving my bacon) and in a pinch Annie’s portable so I can get something done today.

Now, please don’t misunderstand me…I don’t mean to blame Mr. Salmonoson. I’m certain it was just a coincidence it died processing his segment, even though it had no problem whatsoever processing segments hosted by Derek Tague. I’m absolutely certain there wasn’t anything about the specific video that caused my machine’s power supply to give it’s life to protect the processor.

But just in case, stop by his website and buy an OTR disc or two. If you do, maybe next year my machine won’t have to die.

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