The Mercury Theater on the Air — Treasure Island

A bit ago on the Internet OTR Digest, a subscriber asked who Arthur Anderson is. While I explained on the Digest that he was a long-time castmember of “Let’s Pretend” and the author of the BearManor Media book on the series, the voice of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun for decades, and a great friend to the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention, I also referenced this Mercury Theater on the Air program. This show not only has a fourteen-year-old Arthur in the starring role of Jim Hawkins, Jr., it also ran a little short, forcing Orson Welles to vamp a bit, and in doing so tell the story of how Arthur, playing with the sprinkler system, managed to make it rain during a stage performance of Julius Caesar.

This excellent low-bandwidth copy of the program came from Terry Salomonson, who has this program and many many others available on Audio CD in excellent quality at his website. When you visit, tell him Charlie sent’cha, and enjoy this second Mercury Theater on the Air performance of July 18, 1938, with Orson Welles, George Coulouris, Eustice Wyatt, Ray Collins, Agnes Moorehead, announcer Dan Seymour, and my friend Arthur Anderson in Treasure Island.

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