I hate January 2nd…

I know I’ve whined in this space before about this, but I really hate the end of the winter holiday season. I’m not ready yet to give up on Christmas Magic, there’s too much of it to lose. I don’t want to stop greeting strangers with a smile and a, “Happy New Year!” even if it is after the first of the year. I’m just not ready to trade in the happiness and relaxed joy of the season for the stress and bother of all the rest of the year.

Heck, this year it seemed everyone was ready to pitch the season before it was finished. By December 26th, Valentines’ Day had taken over from Christmas and New Years in the stores…trying to find egg nog in my area now is neigh-on impossible. It’s almost as if we’re being forced to spend a month getting ready, a day getting it done, and then *poof* we’re off to the next thing.

When I was a boy, “Christmas” was a week long celebration of family and friends; it was the only time of the year my parents would bring out the liquor, and every night either we were going to some friends’ home, or someone was coming to visit us.

Now it seems we’re “required” to cram everything into one day, and then get on with our lives. Me, I’m not ready…heck, one week isn’t enough to satisfy my need for this season. So while I plan on hitting the work full-out (indeed, I’m hoping to get a new program on the podcast later today), our tree is still up, there are still presents under it, and I’m going to enjoy the dregs of the egg nog as long as it holds out. Darnitall, I can be a curmudgeon the rest of the year, I’m hanging on to the good feelings of the winter holiday season as long as I can, and probably just a little longer. You all are welcomed to move on to Valentine’s Day, I’m sticking with, “Happy New Year!”

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  1. jimseitz says:

    Amen!! It seems we have all the hype leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (both very magical);then it’s over – the decorations all come down and everyone moves on. :)Our tree is still up and lit also.
    Jim Seitzinger

  2. radioclass says:

    I agree. We start the season with Advent and continue to Christmas. The Christmas season ends on January 6, the Epiphany (aka Little Christmas). Decorations at my house and at our church are kept up until the season officially ends. Acutally, my tree is still up. Got to get to it soon.

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