Avoid Lycos like the plague…and avoid their “Customer Service”

Strongly suggest you avoid Lycos like the plague…and avoid MJJ Designs, too, since it’s operated by Mike Jandreau, the Lycos Customer Service Manager.

Why am I being so hard on a company that’s been around for ages? Simple – check out this blog entry and see what happens when unprofessional people work for unprofessional companies. (If anyone can suggest where Mr. Jandreau’s petty email is “professional,” I’d love to hear it.)

Anyway, avoid Tripod, Angelfire, Lycos Planet, Hotbot, and WebMonkey. If you have an account on any of those “services,” why not cancel it and tell the Sales department why – don’t bother writing the “service” department, since you can see where they’ll end up…

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