Bob Edwards’ Induction into the Radio Hall of Fame

On November 6th, 2004, Bob Edwards will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. XMPR, the public radio channel of XM Satellite Radio, will air the ceremony live at 10:00 pm eastern, 7:00 pm pacific on XM Channel 133.

I wonder if anyone else will note the irony that this happens one day after the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first broadcast of Morning Edition on the then-fledgeling National Public Radio. Mr. Edwards built the network, and was treated shamefully by the current administration of that network in their obscene quest for ratings, or a “new sound,” or whatever other reason excuse they can think of for their bewildering action earlier this year. Fortunately, XM offered Mr. Edwards the ability to continue coming into our homes, cars, and workplaces on a daily basis, and offered us the ability to support public radio programming without supporting NPR.

Revenge must be sweet…congratulations, Bob! This fan will be listening to your induction, just as he does every weekday morning to The Bob Edwards Show on XMPR.

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