Member Stations are Begging Again…

…and it’s time to remind them that you won’t be contributing this year, or any year until the problems at NPR are handled. When you get that renewal card in the mail, remember to send a note telling them that with the recent changes at NPR “dumbing-down” the programming, you won’t be supporting your member station until the people who are ruining the network are removed.

And again I suggest you take the money usually given to your local NPR member station and use it instead to purchase an XM Satellite Radio receiver and subscription. You can support quality public radio programming, get more choices, more information, and exclusive shows like The Bob Edwards Show, while not sending a dime to NPR.

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  1. Jim Lewis says:

    Just curious about the “dumning down” of NPR.Is it some of the Morning edition,the DR show, T Gross or what in particular seems different.I dont dispute your statment,but can you give a couple of examples.Generally speaking I enjoy their content.Wish our local station would do an OTR show.

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