XMPR Is Finally a “Real” Public Radio Station…

He, he…yesterday (Wednesday 7 October) XMPR (Channel 133 on XM Satellite Radio) was initiated into the world of big-time public radio. They completely blew the 9:00 am EDT rebroadcast of The Bob Edwards Show ending up resorting to some bizzare book reading (I think) to keep from broadcasting silence while figuring out where the heck that digital file was…and what I found even more amusing, they screwed up the 9:00 pm EDT rebroadcast, too, although not as long, and with a different book reading.

Guys, cheer up. Stuff happens; now you sound just like every other public radio station in the country. ;)

(Yes, my tongue is firmly in my cheek. And like I said before, with Bob Edwards again on the air, mornings make sense again.)

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