What’s with Salon?

I’ve been using Firefox RC 1 on two of my computers, and am really excited with the “Live Bookmark” feature which allows sites with RSS feeds (like, ahem, this one) to become live bookmarks, allowing the user to jump to any of the fed articles through the Bookmark menu or toolbar. Well-behaved blogs (like, ahem, this one) show an “RSS” graphic in the lower-right of the window; click on it, and you can subscribe to any of the feeds listed on the web page. If the graphic doesn’t show, you can manually add a live bookmark through the Manage Bookmarks window.

But even manually adding the RSS feed from a Salon blog (specifically The Thrilling Days of Yesteryear) doesn’t seem to work…I consistantly get “Live Bookmark feed failed to load” errors.

Anyone have any idea why this fails? (I have feelers out elsewhere…if I find the answer, I’ll post it here.)

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