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Redbox Codes - Free Rentals!

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 4:38 pm

Since Redbox has moved to single-use codes, Blockbuster Express is a much better choice for finding free-rental codes. Check out the Blockbuster Express Free Rental Codes page, or the Twitter stream noted below.

Free codes are now added to Twitter updates - follow CFSummers to receive!

How to use RedBox Free Rental Codes.

Free Codes Go To One/Month!

One-night rental code: 2MEJ5ER (valid 02/15-16/2011, Meijer stores only!)

One-night rental code: BEMINE (valid 02/14/2011 only!)

New one-night rental code posted 2/5/2011: QM4KTX6 (expiration date not known, not-yet-tested so YMMV, close cover before striking)

New one-night rental code posted 2/1/2011: N6TRWTV (expiration date not known, not-yet-tested so YMMV, close cover before striking)

Reported to work everywhere, no expiration known
One-Time-Use Codes:
These codes may only be used one time per credit card; although there have been rare reports of a code working more than once, I wouldn’t bet on it.


Other Codes:
I’ve heard rumors these may work; post your experiences in the comments and I’ll add or remove as necessary.


Ok, why this page?

There is a website available on the Net that tracks these codes; unfortunately, the guy running the site is getting sleazier and sleazier with his monetizing of the site…to the point where you need to do dangerous things like sign up for questionable “advertisers” before receiving the codes.


Don’t get me wrong, I can understand how a site would want to pay its expenses (heaven only knows I subsidize this one), but trying to make money with questionable and invasive sign-ups is just plain out-of-line. Another guy is starting a competitive site, and I hope he does well, but right now he has nothing, so I started this running list.

I am depending on you, though, to help out, since it is not my plan to spend hours every day on this one page. If you find a code that works, post it in the comment section. When you get your Monday code via SMS, post it to the comment section. Please include expiry dates for the codes you post. I will attempt to repost fresh codes at the top of the page, but readers should always check the comment section for codes as well. If you want to throw a buck in the “tip jar” occasionally, that would be great (just hit the PayPal link at the top of the sidebar), and I’d also appreciate it if you’d check out the advertisers who have banners on this website. But I promise…no forced pay-per-action nonsense just to get to the codes.

How to use RedBox Free Rental Codes:

At the RedBox Kiosk, get to the “Main” screen and select “Rent with promo code” button. Complete your transaction, when requested type in the promo code, and *poof* - free one-night rental!

Redbox Codes Go To One/Month!

According to an email from Redbox:

Dear redbox customer,

The word is out that you can take home new release DVDs for only a $1 per night from the big red box.
We know you know, because you've saved that dollar as part of redbox' Free Movie Mondays promotion,
which is ending after May 11.

However, since so many of us could use an extra buck these days, redbox is going to keep the free flicks
coming once a month throughout the summer. Beginning June 1, redbox will send a free movie code to
your phone on the first Monday of the month as a thank you for using redbox. 

Also note the SMS codes are single-use codes, that is different for each phone, which is why they are not posted here.

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13 Responses to “Redbox Codes - Free Rentals!” »


  1. Nostalgic Rumblings » Free Rentals Using Redbox Codes! Says:

    […] Because the guy running the biggest RedBox Free Rental Code website is getting seriously slimy about forcing his users to divulge personal information just to get the codes, I’ve started a new webpage tracking RedBox free rental codes. Check it out, and help out if you can, since I can’t afford to spend a lot of time personally searching out the codes. […]


  3. missdogg Says:

    Charlie~Good looking out on those codes. I’m going to try them this weekend. I did receive a code today from Redbox that expires on February 28th.

    Code: XW7662Q




  5. ralfgenie Says:

    If you’re talking about the site i think you’re talking about, it’s not even working right now for some reason…… And thank you for what you do.


  7. ralfgenie Says:

    I know for sure that the ‘REDBOX’ code works. But only for the first time you use redbox (per card you use).


  9. ralfgenie Says:

    The codes - ‘XW7662Q’ and ‘PWFX51′ are not valid. They seem to be one time use codes, as in one time by one person only codes. Not one time codes as one time per card used by person.


  11. ralfgenie Says:

    New One-Time-Use Code For McDonald’s-only Kiosks : ‘MCDWNTR’


  13. ralfgenie Says:

    New One-Time-Use Wallgreens-only Kiosks code = ‘WGREEN2′


  15. ralfgenie Says:

    New code ’shpnsve2′ works at any location.


  17. ralfgenie Says:

    With the ’shpnsve2′ code, by any location i mean any redbox. Example, walmart, walgreens, mcdonalds……..

    not just shop n save.


  19. ralfgenie Says:

    p.s. i think i heard that ’shpnsve2′ expires on 02-20-09


  21. Charlie Summers Says:

    ralfgenie Says:

    With the ’shpnsve2′ code, by any location i mean any redbox. Example, walmart, walgreens, mcdonalds……..

    not just shop n save.

    Yep, I understood, I just phrased it badly.

    I’m going over in a bit to use today’s Monday code; I’ll try the ’shpnsve2′ code first and report the results.

    Edit: Yep, it’s dead.


  23. Charlie Summers Says:

    If anyone can check the store-specific codes listed and see if they are still working, I’d appreciate it.


  25. looking for a break Says:

    I happen to know for a fact that DVDATWAG is a current and working redbox code. Currenty we have had no customers complain when tring this code.

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