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Jane Elliott and Alex Gibney on The Bob Edwards Show

Filed under: Radio Today, Bob Edwards Archives — Charlie Summers @ 2:05 pm

I am doing something here I have never done before…I’m posting a “Best of Bob” re-broadcast.

A very smart guy suggested two guests for inclusion here on the blog, and since there just happened to be a “BOB” with both guests which aired on April 17th, 2007, here we go. First up, filmmaker Alex Gibney. He was quite probably the Edwards Show “most-frequent flier,” having appeared eleven times (excluding rebroadcasts!) discussing his various films. In this visit, originally broadcast May 31, 2006, he’s discussing his documentary, “The Human Behavior Experiments.”

In the second half, Bob’s guest is Jane Elliott who in 1968 separated her all-white third grade class by eye color to help them understand what discrimination feels like first hand. This interview first aired September 31, 2006.

And both of these are Chad Campbell productions.

Side note: This rerun is something of an oddity; there is no script/roadmap in the archives (even for BOB shows, there is usually a roadmap, and frequently new open/close voicetracks), and it has no date in the open (both the 16th and the 18th, as well as others I spot-checked in the month are dated). This implies to me this may have been an “evergreen” program, a show produced from interview rebroadcasts held back at-the-ready in case something goes wrong. This type of program has other names; “pocket” show, or my personal favorite, “oh-sh*t” show.)

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show for Tuesday April 17th, 2007 [59:15m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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