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A Festivus for the Rest’f Us!

Filed under: Radio Today, Bob Edwards Archives — Charlie Summers @ 11:42 am

Happy Festivus!

As an almost annual event on The Bob Edwards Show this time of year, the interview with Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara originally aired December 23rd, 2004 was replayed; Jerry Stiller was the actor who portrayed George’s father Frank Costanza on Seinfeld (second actor to portray the role, actually - everyone forgets about John Randolph). The interview was designed to discuss Festivus, and aired in two segments for a total of 27:13.

But I thought I’d give you an extra treat on this Festivus…the original 42-minute unedited interview with Bob in the XM Satellite Radio studios in Washington D.C. and Stiller & Meara at The Radio Foundation in New York City, recorded in the studio to DAT and salvaged from the trash dumpster by Executive Producer Chad Campbell. In this unedited conversation, you will hear Bob disappear for long stretches while Stiller and Meara banter back-and-forth about many things having nothing whatsoever to do with Festivus; sometimes the only way to know he’s still there is his laughter in the background! If Bob thought of Studs Terkel as self-starting, these two were an entire cabaret act on the other end of a set of headphones!

So enjoy this tribute to the late Anne Meara and the wonderful Jerry Stiller, on this almost-special day-of-all-days. And while I know no one asked, my favorite line in this entire conversation is from Anne: “Do I look like a DRUUU-ID to you???”

And a personal note about that photograph; it’s a screen grab from a video tape shot by yours truly at the 2005 Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention in Newark, NJ. We were re-creating The Joe Franklin Show, and Joe got his friends Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller to stop by the hotel and guest on his program while I was running the convention’s video camera for Fred Berney. So I will forever be able to say, “I shot Stiller & Meara!”

icon for podpress  Raw Interview - Bob Edwards and Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara [42:06m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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