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Rob Reiner and The Bacon Brothers on The Bob Edwards Show

Filed under: Radio Today, Bob Edwards Archives — Charlie Summers @ 12:37 pm

Everything goes better with Bacon! (Ah, c’mon…I just had to!)

Today, some celebrity artists. The program of July 24, 2014 started out with actor/director Rob Reiner, and closed with The Bacon Brothers. In this case, I think the intro will do a much better job than I could:

Film director Rob Reiner is my guest today, a man whose credits include Sleepless in Seattle, A Few Good Men, Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally and Stand By Me. Reiner’s latest film opens tomorrow. It’s titled And So It Goes and it stars Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton as next door neighbors. Rob Reiner will talk about growing up as the son of comic writer Carl Reiner and then starring in All in the Family, a truly historic and popular sitcom. And later in the hour, music by the Bacon Brothers, a six piece band fronted by actor Kevin Bacon and his movie composer brother Michael Bacon. The brothers have released seven albums. Their latest is called 36 Cents.

I’ve included the script; while missing the roadmap (that page at the beginning which times-out the show and gives overall segment information), it does include the “prep” for the Bacon Brothers interview. That’s the information provided to Bob by the assigned producer (in this case Brigid McCarthy); as Bob told me when I talked to him in September of 2015, he then uses those questions as a general guide, never fearing to take the conversation in new directions when the guest points the way to something interesting.

(There’s also a page in this script for an interview with Lonnie G. Bunch III which aired on the June 24th show that apparently got inadvertently shuffled-in.)

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show Script for Thursday July 24th, 2014: Download

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show for Thursday July 24th, 2014 [59:30m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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2 Responses to “Rob Reiner and The Bacon Brothers on The Bob Edwards Show” »


  1. keithas Says:

    Charlie, I wanted to let you know I SO appreciate that you have so many of the Bob Edwards Shows and make them available again! I miss hearing Bob daily with new shows and the shows he has produced on his own have been mostly around music of a type that doesn’t really interest me. Which makes your posting of his old shows all the more enjoyable.

    I have a request. If you have it I would like to hear the Bob Edwards Show when Bob went to the Kennedy Space Center and witnessed the last nighttime launch of the space shuttle. When I first heard it, I was on my 50 or so minute drive to work. When the show ended, I looked around at my surroundings and realized I had no real memory of the earlier part of the drive I was so engrossed in Bob’s show! This past summer our family took a vacation in FL (we are from MN) and we were thrilled by our visit to the Kennedy Space Center. I think my 11 year old son would especially enjoy hearing Bob’s show from down there.

    Thanks again for posting these shows and please keep it up!


  3. Charlie Summers Says:

    If you have it

    So far as we’ve been able to tell, I have every Bob Edwards Show and Bob Edwards Weekend program produced. Quality varies, but I think they are all here.

    > I would like to hear the Bob Edwards Show when Bob went to the
    > Kennedy Space Center and witnessed the last nighttime launch of the space shuttle.

    11/24/2008; side-story, this is, as I recall, the first time a production aired first on Bob Edwards Weekend. I think next week will be “Space Week;” I’ll post not only that show, but the show of 02/20/2009 where Bob interviewed astronauts Sandy Magnus and Mike Fincke as they orbited the Earth aboard the International Space Station. (Somewhere I have the streamed video of the interview…need to find it and add it to the “official” archives.)

    > Thanks again for posting these shows and please keep it up!

    I’ll keep posting these as long as I can; so far, no one at the satellite radio monopoly has minded. Hopefully, that will continue.

    Today…Happy Festivus!

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