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Donovan on The Bob Edwards Show

Filed under: Radio Today, Bob Edwards Archives — Charlie Summers @ 6:33 pm

You know, going through and cataloging the material from The Bob Edwards Show offices is a little like an archeology dig, a little like a sociological study, and sometimes just a little strange - I mean, think about how odd it would be to watch someone else go through your desk. One day I will post detailing some of the more…odd…discoveries (like the pink ceramic cat, for example). But when I came across this unopened disc, I just had to listen to the program from October 16th of 2013 with guest Donovan.

If you don’t know Donovan you are either under twelve or just got here from a lifetime in Siberia. Donovan is an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; a member of the “British Invasion,” but a poet who whispered instead of shouting. From the introduction:

The British music invasion of the 1960’s wasn’t all Stones, Beatles and Kinks. It also included the softer voice of a Scottish folksinger named Donovan. Catch the Wind was his first big hit, followed by a nice cover of Universal Soldier, then Mellow Yellow, Sunshine Superman and Hurdy-Gurdy Man-enough hits to land him in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Donovan is here today to talk about his latest album titled Shadows of Blue.

Included in this program is a conversation with Dean King, author of Unbound: A True Story of War, Love, and Survival which tells the stories of the thirty women who were part of The Long March undertaken by the Chinese Red Army in 1934. But the bulk of the show is with the introspective, soft-spoken and absolutely fascinating Donovan.

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show Script for Wednesday October 16th, 2013: Download

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show for Wednesday October 16th, 2013 [59:30m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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