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Janis Ian on The Bob Edwards Show

Filed under: Radio Today, Bob Edwards Archives — Charlie Summers @ 6:29 pm

A while ago someone asked me for my favorite interview out of the eleven years of The Bob Edwards Show. Sounds like an impossible task, but I actually have a personal favorite interview, and almost certainly not for the reasons you’d expect…one day I’ll post that show here and explain my reasons, honest.

But the question got me thinking about the many interviews I especially enjoy, and so this episode from April 19th of 2006, the entire show with Janis Ian, is one of my favorite musical performance interviews. I re-listen to this episode more frequently than most, and every time I listen I fall just a little bit more in love with Ms. Ian…she is thoughtful and introspective, yet quick to that deep, soul-embracing laugh. She has an obvious comfort in who she is, what she thinks, and how daffy the industry she has chosen to commit her life to can be. It’s apparent Bob is enjoying himself, too. Now that I also have the raw, un-cut interview including the promos the folks at XM asked her to record, it’s even more a fav!

And c’mon, let’s face it…anyone who can pen the song My Autobiography has their head screwed on straight. ;)

This version of the program came from a CD culled from the program office’s archives; while it is lacking XM commercials and promos, the sound quality of the show more than makes up for that loss.

So enjoy this program as much as I do, and when next we meet I’ll play another of my favorites…or maybe one of yours, if you make a suggestion in the comments.

icon for podpress  The Bob Edwards Show for Wednesday April 19th, 2006 [57:19m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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