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I bought the silliest thing…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 7:16 pm

Everyone who reads this blog knows I’m an aging geek…you know, the kind who has gadgets just for the sake of having gadgets. But I think I have outdone myself this time…I bought a virtual keyboard.

By “virtual,” I mean what I am typing on right now doesn’t exist, at least not physically. It is being projected onto the tabletop in front of me by a laser, so while I can see it, it isn’t really “there,” if you get my drift. There is a sensor that reads when my fingers touch the table (technically just a little above it), and register a “click” and keystroke. The soft keyboard in my tablet, SwiftKeys, gets out of the road while still providing me word choices…of course, that requires me to leave the virtual keyboard and touch the tablet screen, so it’s mostly faster for me to just keep typing on the table. The keyboard is surprisingly responsive for not really being there in the first place, and rarely misses a keystroke.

Fine, you ask, but what good is it? You already have a “soft” keyboard in your tablet, and a bluetooth rubber keyboard in your carry-bag. Why do you need this silly thing?

My answer? Don’t need it. Just wanted the thing for the coolness factor. And to watch the geeks half my age look on in awe and wonder. And before you ask, yes, I did type this blog entry with it, sitting at my dining room table in front of my tablet. Seriously cool…

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