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Ten years ago this morning…

Filed under: Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 2:53 pm

…at a little before 8:00am eastern, I was sitting at my desk listening to the month-old XM Public Radio channel on my month-old Roady2 anxiously awaiting the end of my months-old drought of not waking up every weekday morning with Bob Edwards’ voice in my ear.

And then, after a promo bumper and “underwriting” announcement (back then, the channel actively tried to sound like a terrestrial public radio station, unlike today when pubrad stations openly run paid commercials), what you can hear with permission below began a decade-long weekday morning ritual…listening to the show.

Afterwards, I “reviewed” the show (realizing I’ve been sharing my thoughts here for over a decade shook me up a bit this morning, frankly), and promoted it and XM Satellite Radio every chance I got.

Man, how things have changed over a decade. I’m morose over the end of the show’s production, thanks to bean-counters at the merged-monopoly company who are more interested in airing juvenile hijinks than quality conversation. I’ve stopped recommending SiriusXM as an entertainment choice; their satellite feed has atrocious sound quality, their Internet stream is cumbersome and annoying to use, and their online “My” button is a useless attempt at competing with Pandora or Slacker…I mean, if you can’t trust the station’s programmers (who are programming multiple channels, voice-tracking months at a sitting, and generally just phoning it in since there’s no longer competition in satellite radio), what’s the point in spending so much for so little?


So until Bob finds an new home for his talents (I sincerely hope he finds a weekday gig, although I’d be thrilled if someone put together a newly-produced weekly show - hell, I’ll take whatever I can get), I’m living in the past; both by listening to the re-run show and by selecting archive editions on my own for my daily walks (if you’re interested, monitor my Twitter feed to find out which).

And today, instead of whining about an ending, I celebrate the beginning of The Bob Edwards Show, ten years ago today. A show which began like this…

icon for podpress  Opening of the First Bob Edwards Show [1:04m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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