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My Quest for a Pop Song from China…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 3:10 am

I’m honestly not sure how I can properly explain all this, and I honestly don’t know, dear reader, if you’re going to really care, since this quest seems to be a pretty personal thing, but I’m going to give it a shot and see where it takes us.

As some of you know, I’m “collecting” free cloud storage services. I have a Dropbox account, one from SpiderOak, Tresorit, and others. The one I use the most is, since they provide 15G of data for free (Dropbox is only 2G), and if you follow that link back there and sign-up, you get an extra 5G for a total of 20 gigabytes. Add to that the customizable file-sharing system, and it’s my clear favorite - it’s the one I use to allow the Internet OTR Digest to include binary files. But even that won’t stop me from “collecting” others.

Someone pointed me to QQ, a company in China that is supposedly providing stupid-large storage accounts…10T, in fact. Yep, ten terabytes, or 10,240 gigabytes! As a collector, I couldn’t possibly turn this down, so I applied for an account. It wasn’t quite that simple, since there are a bunch of hoops to jump through, but I finally got an account on their system. (Is it really 10T? Dunno, since it would take me forever to upload that much with my aDSL. Haven’t put anything other than a few test files up there so far.)

(And for those of you who think I’d be crazy to post anything to a Chinese cloud-storage service, I have three letters for you: NSA. I mean, c’mon, truly personal data shouldn’t be uploaded to any cloud storage service, since after 180 days it is considered by American law to be “abandoned” and can be retrieved by a simple letter instead of a court order signed by a judge. I’m betting a Chinese cloud storage server is no less intrusive than anything in the United States.)

As most services, this service provides a few example files. QQ/Tencent provides a spreadsheet, a Word file, and an MP3 music file. It’s that last file that caused all the time and trouble…or rather my downloading and playing it, anyway. It’s a bouncy pop song called Be the Best with those words repeated throughout the song in English, while the rest is in Chinese. I really, really like the song, but I can’t sing to it, since I can’t speak or understand Chinese.

The quest was to discover information about the song, and hopefully find English lyrics for it. After a few hours, and with the help of Bing Translate, I have a general idea what’s going on. (Ok, look…the only translation software on the Net is from one of the “big boys” or another, so it was either the evil Google, the evil Microsoft, the evil AOL, or some other evil corporation bent on tracking, monitoring, and monetizing me. I picked Bing. So shoot me.) The album cover and more info after the jump.

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