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Backing Up the Samsung Dart microSD Card With an ext2 Partition

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 12:00 pm

My microSD card blew up.

Ok, it didn’t actually explode, it just stopped working; I mean *boom* stopped working; I picked up my phone, there was a window tellimg me I unexpectedly removed the SD card and that I should ask nicely first the next time. Any memory card can just…die - I’ve had it happen not only to microSD cards, but flash drives as well. The card won’t mount in anything (computer or phone), so while I hung onto it just in case one day I find some method to restore data from it, I’m assuming at this point it’s toast. Of course, my backup of the FAT32 partition was older than I’d like, but I don’t think I’m missing anything vital.

Except the entire ext2 partition.

If you remember, back when I wrote the article on dealing with low memory conditions in the Dart I said, “And, of course, an ext2 makes backing up the card in Windows more problematic…I’ll deal with this issue in a few days when I again have a little spare time.” And of course, I never did.

So I had no good way to back up the second partition, even with being able to back up the standard FAT32 partition. It was necessary to jump through a lot of hoops, using Titanium Backup and Link2SD to help me rebuild the apps in the phone. I decided this was not going to happen to me again, nor hopefully to anyone who reads the articles here, so I’m going to tell you how to mount to the Windows desktop, and therefore be able to easily and quickly back-up the data therein, that second ext2 partition you made with MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition.

You want to download Paragon ExtFS for Windows - note you get the download link via email, so to avoid spam you might want to consider a one-off email address. Follow the link, download the file, and install. When you put the dual-partition microSD card into your computer, the FAT32 partition will show up; run Paragon ExtFS for Windows (you’ll need elevated privileges under Windows 7 & 8), find your card, and look for a yellow-bulleted unmounted partition. Select it, click the “Mount” button, select the drive letter, and *poof* - your ext2 partition is mounted (under the Hard Disk Drives, not under the Devices with Removable Storage, BTW) to Computer. Be a little careful moving stuff around in there, since this really belongs to Link2SD, but feel free to use 7zip or the like to make a backup of this partition at the same time you backup the FAT32 partition.

And, unlike me, do it often.

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