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BBC Radio Shows Now Filled with DRM

Filed under: General, Radio Today — Charlie Summers @ 11:48 pm

So the BBC is now going to add DRM (Digital Rights Management) to their radio files, allowing “downloads” of these damaged things which will sit for up to thirty days, and play for up to seven days. If I were a Brit, I’d raise holy hades with my parliamentary representative…I mean, for god’s sake, who’s paying for the d*mned things?

What’s really frustrating about this is the Radio Downloader can no longer pull BBC files. It was a great little device, allowing scheduling of programs in advance (when they were announced); set it and forget it. Once they aired and were available on the BBC website, they would end up on your drive ready to be enjoyed.

Something that simple and convenient cannot be allowed to continue, so it’s been closed down with the addition of this nonsensical DRM. (*shrug*) Of course, those of us who insist on recording BBC programs will continue to do so, and will be retaining them in non-DRM format for considerably longer than seven days. We’ll just have to do it the hard way. Some shows (Newshour, for example) are already available in podcast format, so nothing needs to be done there, but for the rest of it…well, I’m guessing there will be increased activity on the BBC-focused USENET newsgroups.

Wake up, kids; DRM simply does not work.

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SummersTime for the week of 04/29/2013

Filed under: Old-Time Radio — Charlie Summers @ 7:57 am

Kate plays an episode of Chandu the Magician, I visit the B-Bar-B Ranch with Bobby Benson, she makes the great Escape, and I Deal In Crime!

SummersTime is the Radio Once More show hosted by father-and-daughter team Kate and Charlie Summers. Our goal is to pick some awesome Old-Time Radio shows that we want to hear or share with each other, and then play them for you, too! Be sure to listen to this week’s broadcast - schedule posted both at the SummersTime website and at Radio Once More!

You may stream the show using the player below, or download it with the link. Remember, by subscribing to this blog with any podcasting client (Juice, iTunes, etc. - just add the the RSS link over on the sidebar or hit the button) the shows will be automatically downloaded to your computer or MP3 player!

icon for podpress  SummersTime April 29, 2013 [119:30m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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