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TPB AFK (The Pirate Bay - Away from Keyboard) Film Available

Filed under: General, News — Charlie Summers @ 5:46 pm

Disclaimer: Haven’t seen it yet; haven’t even started downloading it (am transferring future SummersTime episodes to the blog right now), but the film detailing the trials of the operators of The Pirate Bay is now available for downloading from…ok, this should be really obvious…The Pirate Bay.

Please note the copyright holder of the film encourages you to download and watch…this is completely legal all over the world.

Still, though, since I don’t trust my ISP or the Entertainment Industry, I’m going to download it through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) - that way, even with the invasive tracking, they can’t “strike me” for downloading a legal file they might not want me to see. (The simplistic methodology of MarkMonitor seems to be, “BitTorrent…Bad!” even though there are many legitimate uses for the protocol.)

From the NFO file accompanying the film:

My name is Simon and I am the director/producer of the film TPB AFK:
The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard. After 5 years of hard work, it's a
great pleasure to finally upload a torrent about this great website
onto the site itself. In a way, I guess TPB AFK has finally come home.
This is not just a film about the founders of TPB, but also a film
about all of you who use the site. Please convert this film into all
possible formats and share it as much as you can!

Note that there are english subtitles both embedded and included within the torrent files. And to avoid linking directly to TPB (some U.S. ISPs, and even some entire countries block access directly to The Pirate Bay), here are the magnet links to supply to your BitTorrent client:

1080p - TPB.AFK.2013.1080p.h264-SimonKlose 6.84 GiB (7349488128 Bytes)
720p - TPB.AFK.2013.720p.h264-SimonKlose 3.5 GiB (3753784421 Bytes)
480p - TPB.AFK.2013.480p.h264-SimonKlose 974.11 MiB (1021429419 Bytes)

Feel free to review the film in the comments. And after you’ve downloaded, please continue to seed this legally-downloaded film.

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