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Fixing “Low on Space” Errors on Samsung Dart & Other Android Phones

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 7:54 pm

Anyone with a low-end Android device like the Samsung Dart has, or eventually will, run into the dreaded, “Low on Space” error. The notification you receive directs you to the Manage Apps app, where the generally-accepted solution is to either delete some of your applications or to clear the cache on every application you have. The former will fix the error, but cripple the phone since you can’t use the applications you remove. Clearing the cache is a temporary solution at best, since eventually the cache will fill up again and this warning will return.

In researching this issue, I was not-so-surprised to find many snide answers that suggest you buy a new phone, since clearly you bought a low-end phone in the first place and so shouldn’t expect to get anything done with it anyway. Those kids can be as smug in their superiority as they wish, but obviously that doesn’t fix the problem. Some Dart owners can’t afford to spend hundreds on a phone, others can’t see it’s particularly worthwhile, and the rest of us actually like the underpowered-yet-capable Dart and aren’t particularly interested in replacing it.

The “buy a new phone” answer is a lot like suggesting that if you can’t read a CD you should replace your entire computer system…pretty unacceptable, if you ask me. So let’s see if we can research the problem and come up with an actual, helpful solution to the problem instead of just being a patronizing jerk, shall we?

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