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2012’s Best and Worst Television

Filed under: Television — Charlie Summers @ 4:38 pm

Now that we’re passed the end of another year, it’s time for yet another insipid list of the best and worst. These are my personal choices, tongue-generally-in-cheek, so don’t take any of this too seriously…

  • Worst Television Program Premiering in 2012: Wow, with all the possibilities, it’s hard to choose finalists in this category let alone a clear winner. The yet-another-Sherlock-Holmes-in-the-present series seems a reasonable choice (especially with the lovely Lucy Lu trying to act like the kid she was in Ally McBeal instead of the woman she’s become), but then there’s the poorly-executed knockoff of ITV’s Primeval, the oddly-structured successor to The Closer, the almost creepy “comedy” Partners, and the dumbest idea for a program I’ve heard in a while, Last Resort, so how can one pick the epitome of bad? Oh, right…Animal Practice. What moron even thought that show would be a good idea? When your costar is a primate, you know you’re in serious trouble.

  • Best Television Program Premiering in 2012: Now we have a quandary of a different sort, since there hasn’t exactly been a surplus of originality in television shows - not that that is unique to this year, but it seems to be getting worse. I like Go On, but frankly liked the canceled Mr. Sunshine better. Revolution is ok, but it doesn’t really get me to worry whether I’m weeks behind or not. For best, I have to go with HBO’s The Newsroom - yeah, I know Aaron Sorkin gets preachy, but no one on the planet writes solid snappy dialog like this guy does. Each episode unfolds a real news story and looks at how they should be covered and how they are covered. The entire news industry should be forced to watch this show over and over until they get a clue.

  • Guiltiest Television Program Pleasure in 2012: The Neighbors. I still haven’t decided whether I’m laughing with the show or at the show, but I frequently laugh, which is more than I can say for The Partners or Guys with Kids. Still, don’t tell anyone, since I’m a little embarrassed about it.

  • Best “Reboot” of 2012: I hate reboots…they never really work, and even those that have reluctantly grown on me would have been better off being a sequel. Which is why I think Dallas is the best for the year, even if I haven’t had the time to watch all of last season (it has to do with waiting for hot turnovers and ice cream, which is a story onto itself). This is a sequel that honors the past series, and doesn’t attempt to replace it with a bunch of kids holding the same character names as those we remember and cherish. And it has Brenda Strong, one of my personal favorites (known of her for a long time, but it was her recurring role in Sports Night that really got my attention), so how bad can it be? I mean, geez, Patrick Duffy has had one helluva career, screen-romancing Victoria Principal and Ms. Strong. Of course, the loss of J.R. will be devastating to the show…without evil, how can we judge good? Still, I look forward to watching Larry Hagman’s final work, just as I’ve watched with Katie the first episode of I Dream of Jeanie, his early breakout role.

  • Worst Exit in 2012: This one’s easy; The Closer. Brenda Leigh Johnson just got into an elevator and disappeared. It was a tremendous letdown, driven more by the production company’s determination to create an unsatisfying sequel to the show than any loyalty to the character. Brenda Leigh deserved more, and so did the viewers. But one more time, to the amazing Kyra Sedgwick who wore Brenda Leigh’s strengths and weaknesses on her sleeve for all to see, and with the thickest of southern drawl, “Thank-eue…”

Now, onward to see what 2013 holds in store for us!

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One Response to “2012’s Best and Worst Television” »


  1. voxpop Says:

    AGREE with most of your best and worst choices..however i think u were a little harsh with my beloved lucy liu…BTW i think the show that followed the closer with that weird woman who took over the squad room is truly awful!! the woman not the other guys.

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