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Fixing the espresso machine…

Filed under: Electronics Disassemblies — Charlie Summers @ 6:27 pm

My espresso machine, a Saeco Sirena, started leaking a few months’ ago…water coming out the back of the machine implies a broken hose, and also suggests continuing to use it could get the operator, and that’s me, electrocuted, since water and electricity rarely mix.

Now a sensible person would have sent the machine out for repair, but since sensibility is not my strong suit, I decided to disassemble the machine and fix it myself. I found a place on-line who sold a hunk of replacement hose at a wildly-inflated price (but then, it isn’t like I needed a thousand feet of the stuff, either), so I picked one up.

Disassembling the machine wasn’t difficult, but when I looked in I saw these weird little hose clamps…for someone more used to the common screw-tight clamps, these Oetiker things seemed to come from Mars. They are a crimp-type, requiring a special tool to properly clamp them.

I looked for the tool, and was a little horrified to discover it was in the $30-range, and not immediately available anywhere locally (although, oddly, only Staples stationary store could deliver one to my local store for pickup the next day). And I admit it bothered me a little to pay that kind of money for a tool I was unlikely to use more than two or three times within my lifetime.

So…I made one. Photos and such after the jump.

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