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Finally I can tell WHY Alex O’Loughlin Became My Hero

Filed under: Television — Charlie Summers @ 12:09 pm

A few weeks ago, I made a strange tweet…I mean, strange even by my own somewhat…odd…standards. I mentioned that Alex O’Loughlin, the star of the current CBS series Hawaii Five-0 was my hero. That didn’t come as out-of-the-blue as it clearly appeared based on some comments I’ve received, but I couldn’t discuss how or why until today - today is, by the way and not coincidentally, my daughter Katie’s fourteenth birthday.

The backstory you need to know is that when Katie was maybe nine, we saw a commercial for a show coming in the fall named Moonlight - she was immediately captivated by the handsome young actor portraying the vampire of the story, and decreed we must watch the show. We did, of course, each week, reruns included, and she became more smitten by this man with each episode…he was the first male to whom the adjective “cute” was applied by her, and the mere mention of his name could cause her to blush. She was crushed when she found out the program was canceled. When later the series Three Rivers premiered, we watched that show weekly, until it, too was canceled with the same disappointment that she couldn’t see this man…er…I mean this show, again. Now that Hawaii Five-0 is a hit, we no longer have the disappointment of cancellation, but even at thirteen we are still following Mr. O’Loughlin’s show weekly (DVR-shifted to avoid issues with schoolwork and bedtime, of course).

Last February, I took a chance. I found an address for the show’s production offices and sent a letter with a pair of photos of the vampire Mick St. James that she first became enthralled by, asking the actor if he would please choose his favorite and inscribe it to her. Months passed, I didn’t hear anything; I assumed the guy was busy, and eventually forgot about it.

Earlier this month, my wife stopped at the business box and brought home a priority mail envelope that appeared to have my own handwriting on the front…seemed a bit odd, until slowly the realization dawned and I carefully, hopefully, opened the envelope and discovered he had signed both photos to her.

I am no different than any other parent on the planet - perform a kindness for my child, and I am in your debt.

We gave the photos to her this morning, telling her this particular gift wasn’t really just from us, but from someone else very special. She opened the gift, immediately started to blush, and then looked at them again with her jaw slowly dropping. She started to say, over and over, “this is so COOL…” while I told her the story I’m telling you now. I’m thinking perhaps she forgave me some of the teasing I’ve done over the years…

I had offered to make a donation to any charity Mr. O’Loughlin might choose (I am somewhat uncomfortable asking “something for nothing”), and while there was no preference noted, a little research showed he has supported Donate Life, an organization dedicated to increasing the number of life-saving organs available for transplant. I hope he approves of this choice, and would suggest you take a look at their work should you be looking for an organization to support.

But I am in his debt. And yes, especially after seeing my daughter’s face this morning, he is indeed my hero.

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Thoughts on email spam…

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 7:10 pm

Just some random thoughts about the spam I deal with every day:

If it says, “Legitimate Loan Offer,” it ain’t.

I trash unopened anything that comes in in a language I do not speak. Might sound politically-incorrect, but it sure saves a lot of time.

Ok, one that cracked me up was the spam from “BBC English” that was in Spanish.

No one is going to offer anyone a job out-of-the-blue via email. No, seriously.

“Scam Compensation Alert” means this email, not older ones.

Actually got spam email from “Captain James T. Kirk,” supposedly an American captain in Afghanistan. How stupid are these spammers?

If the subject of an email is “Hello” I say goodbye.

Political spam is really annoying. The odds of you coming anywhere near what I believe is negligible, and the odds you’ll tick me off are really high. When you’re running for office in a state I don’t even live in and send me spam, you are just pathetic.

Although one political spam made me laugh; it complained that bad politicians, “pander to the views of their voters.” But…um…isn’t that the job of an elected representative?

No, you can’t trust me with your fortune of $21-million. I won’t give it to the poor, I’ll just party it all away.

Look, knuckleheads…Robert Mueller, III is not going to be emailing me for anything, be it an arrest threat or to pick up the millions left to me in some Nigerian bank account - he has flunkies for that, and is far too busy sucking up to Congress and his boss at the White House to waste time emailing me. And while we’re on the subject, try not to put the entire threat letter in the Subject: header field…makes you look even more foolish than you do already.

Feel free to post your own thoughts about spam in the comments section.

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Why reining in Google is good for us

Filed under: General — Charlie Summers @ 7:07 pm

From CNN: Why reining in Google is good for us

From the opinion piece: “I don’t like feeling stuck in a particular operating system, social network or piece of software. It’s not that I won’t commit to a product or company — it’s that I don’t trust any of them enough to get married to one of them. Once they own me, they’ll start either selling my data to other companies, limiting my Web experiences to the ones that help sell their clients’ products or otherwise screwing with me as a consumer and person.”

This is what I have been saying for quite a while now; surrendering our privacy to any company, be it Google, Apple, Microsoft, or any other, is a really bad idea. Really bad.

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The West Wing Reunion on Funny or Die

Filed under: Television — Charlie Summers @ 2:11 pm

Look, I don’t spend a whole lot of time watching videos on-line…I admit it, most of them are a massive waste of time and I don’t have enough time left in my life to waste it that way, so Google’s Tube site isn’t one of my bookmarks. But this, folks, is not only legitimately funny, but services a great cause while getting together (or at least mostly together, as I suspect Sheen’s scenes were shot separately) a whole passel of peeps from one of my favorite series (at least the first few seasons before John Wells tanked the show). The first time I watched C.J. exasperate, “Oh, lord…” I almost wet myself.

Go ahead. Waste two-and-a-half minutes of your life watching this reunion video. Trust me…it’s worth it.

And before you ask, no, I don’t walk that much…lately I’ve only been walking a half-hour four times a week, not five. Gotta get on that…

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